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Monday, March 2, 2009

Studio Session with Tommy Faragher

On Saturday, I had the most amazing studio session with Tommy Faragher! Tommy is a Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with artists such as Taylor Dayne, The O'Jays, Al Green and has had publishing deals with Warner Chapell Music and Sony. However, I ran most of the show during the session on Saturday. I was playing some of the piano and synth parts of the song and coming up with the percussion. He definitely helped me to tailor my ideas but he is all about input and feedback. When I have worked with producers in the past, I would give the vocals to the producer and they would come up with the track behind. I had very little input on how the track would sound even though I was a musician as well. This time I had more opportunity to make the track exactly as I heard it. I didn't realize how tedious it was to come up with the track though!! There are so many layers to a song and it's important to keep it interesting to the ears. There are so many instruments and sounds that can go into a track, so it's hard to decide which one works best. But it was a lot of fun developing the track. The song is called, "Keep Walkin' On". I originally wrote it as "Keep Holdin' On", but that line has been used too many times. I hope to have the song finished in time for the AIDS Walk this year. The AIDS walk will be on May 17, 2009. That really only gives me one month to finish the song and one month to promote it. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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