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Monday, June 15, 2009

Jami Jackson Supports the AIDS Walk NY 2009 Campaign

The AIDS Walk NY event in May turned out great!! There were so many people there! The AIDS Walk said that there were 45,000 people walking and it definitely looked like that many. The people came in heaps and walked along Central Park. It was amazing seeing so many people in 1 location walking. And everyone was so happy to be there! The people were very diverse, all colors, ages, sexual orientation, etc. Most importantly, everyone seemed happy to be there. I also saw a lot of old friends there, some of whom I haven't spoken to in years. There was rain at first that started in the early morning, but it cleared up by the time the walk started at 10am, thankfully! I didn't have to worry about the rain cutting my performance short. It was also really cold outside. It was only in the 60s, but the wind was whipping and the sun peeked beyond the clouds. Even still, I had a wonderful time performing. Everyone really enjoyed the music and some were even dancing in the street. "Keep Walkin' On" was especially fun to perform. Although most of the walkers had never heard of the song, almost everyone immediately started to dance and sing to it. It was really a perfect song for the event. I ended up raising $535 for the campaign and my team, LIFEbeat, raised $16,795.79! The total 2009 funds raised to date for the AIDS Walk NY were $5,603,409!! It was such a positive experience raising money for the AIDS Walk. I'm so glad that we were able to raise this much money, especially in these economic times. With these funds, we will be able to help someone living with HIV/AIDS in the city and hopefully, be one step closer to a cure.