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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Destination Weddings

June 5 was a busy day! I filmed a lot of my day with BET. They filmed me having lunch with my boyfriend Cides. It was fun b/c we ate Chipotle in Bryant Park. The security guard was trying to stop us, but one of the cameramen had a pass that let us continue. Cides is a natural! He was joking and playing on camera . He even started talking about what our wedding was going to be like, so then I had to say "Woah baby!" :) . He was saying he wanted a destination wedding in Hawaii...he was really getting into it! Destination weddings can be expensive! I would like a small wedding and a wedding by a beach seems romantic, but I would hate for people not to go because of money. I know, for instance, that I would have to pay for my grandmothers because I can't expect them to pay that kind of money. One of my colleagues at work was saying that if you have a destination wedding, you have to pay either the flight or the hotel for your guests. I'm going to a destination wedding in Panama next April and I will have to pay my way. It's going to be about $1500!! It's going to be all-inclusive, but still.... If I had a wedding, I wasn't planning to pay my guests to go, but now I don't know...What do you think? What kind of wedding do you want?

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zerry ht said...

A destination wedding definitely! I love the idea of such weddings, even I have booked one of the Los Angeles wedding venues for my sister’s wedding. We live far off from LA, but she had some school memories in LA, so I planned a destination wedding for her here. I hope she loves everything I am planning to do.