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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Blog!

Hello World!

This will be my first blog ever! Hi!!! My name is Jami Jackson and this blog will serve as a way for me to talk about issues that I think are important to not only me, but to you. I also want to keep you all informed about what it is that I'm doing day to day.

How are you feeling? Today, I had a pretty busy day. I work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a research coordinator and had a lot of administrative things to clear up. New York City was so gross outside! It was raining and really dreary, so I knew the day wasn't going to be great. However, after work I went shopping at Strawberry's and got a really cute dress and skirt! The dress has spaghetti straps with a draping front, and the skirt is floral. I needed clothes because I'm preparing for a video shoot with BET tomorrow! I am part of a HIV/AIDS campaign with MTVU and the Kaiser Foundation that is trying to fight the stigmatism of the disease. The online campaign is found on http://www.posornot.com/. I already recorded a commercial for MTVU that is now playing on MTV, VH1 and even in Times Square! It's a great commercial because I am actually singing a song that I wrote, "Sista Girl". Hold on, let me back things up and let you know who I am:

I am a singer/songwriter born and raised in Durham, NC and who is currently living in NYC. I graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Psychology and Pre-med on May 2007. I am currently working and singing in a band. I released an album called, "Call My Name" through an indie label that my dad started called "Blacque Records". I wrote 8 out of 10 songs alone, and co-wrote 2 of those songs with my mom. The album can be found on my website: http://www.jamijackson.net/.

Oh and, should I mention how amazing it is to be living and see the day that we have a Black Male, Barach Obama, as the first Democratic Presumptive Nominee! I am so happy to witness such a great feat!

Ok, so it's past 12 in the AM and I'm mad tired, but I wanted to get this out before I went to sleep. Thanks for reading and I'll be back!!



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