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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FLEX Cuban Choir gets Gold Award for singing "Keep Walkin' On"

On November 21st, 2010, 2 translators from Cuba came to present to me a recording from the FLEX Cuban choir and a note of thanks. The translators gave the presentation in front of my church during service. The story about the translators is actually really funny - they never met the choir before they go the recording. It just so happened that they were in Cuba, and their tour guide was the father of the choir leader for Flex Choir. The tour guide found out that the translators were from Brooklyn and said, "Oh, so you must know Jami!". It just so happens that my church is in Brooklyn, so it worked out that they were able to get in touch with me and present to me the gift. The FLEX Choir really wanted to show their appreciation for the use of my song, "Keep Walkin' On". They participated in contests in Cuba by singing the song and won a number of awards. They won a Gold Award in the competition with all the different schools of Havana University. They also won a Gold Award at the university level. Lastly, they won a Bronze Award at the provincial level competition with the other universities. I was so excited to listen to the recording and to read the words that they had to say. In the letter, the choir talked about how they sang the song with love. It was truly a touching moment. The video above is a recording of the choir performing the song live.

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