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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Final Recording Studio Session for Keep Walkin' On

Today was a great day because I finally finished recording the vocals for "Keep Walkin' On", my newest song. I am so excited about that because recording in the studio can be a grueling process! Vocal takes have to be done and re-done until its perfect. Even the littlest imperfection sticks out on a recording. Thankfully, I prepared ahead of time for the recording and I had my vocal teacher, Carey Yaruss there. Her website is www.careyyaruss.com. Carey has been a great addition to my life. I just started working with her, but she has really helped me hone my vocal technique. She has a great ear and is able to pick out the littlest thing. It was nice having her in the studio today because this day was for my lead vocals and adlibs. Those parts of a song is the most difficult part of a recording because they have to be not only technically correct, but delivered correctly. The passion has to come through. Having Carey there helped take off some of the stress because I had other ears to hear what I was doing. I didn't have to concentrate on the technique, I could just sing. I'm really excited about this song and I hope that it touches somebody. It is a very inspirational, uplifting song and I believe in times like these, when people are losing their jobs and homes, we need something to touch us on a more deeper level. Once I finish mixing and mastering the song, I'll be able to start promoting it! More to come....

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